Multi-find is a utility created in java swings. This utility is used to search for string or strings in any file present in any directory. You can use this utility to search for multiple strings at the same time.

This is a easy to use tool. You just need to have java installed in your system and place java in your class-path. Double click the multi-find.jar and the application will open for you. Alternatively you can start the application from command/console prompt. To run the application from command prompt you have to use the following command. java multi-find.jar, and the application will open for you.

This utility UI looks best in java 1.5 and above.

For comments and bugs kindly send mail to prabeshb [at] gmail [dot] com. Your suggestion are most welcomed for the improvement of the application.

Click here to download Multi-Find.

!!! Thank you !!!

Prabesh Bhaskaran